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Company media of the year

Dear business partners, dear friends.

It is an honour for us to announce our success we reached in the competition Company media of the year, organized by GoodCom s.r.o. Winner of the category Best Internet presentation is our client Algida - Unilever ČR with the project for 2003/2004, the one we scheduled, produced and unchained. We are pleased by their confidence they have been putting to us for the whole period of our cooperation as well as by how the professionals evaluated our works. We are already watching for further opportunities where we can show "what we have been really hiding inside" so receiving of further awards would become our pleasant lifelong routine :)

Let our dreams come true.

Dear friends, only a personal impression may provide the best reference so that we have left in the souls of our clients as an indelible footmark. We did not modify the responses in any way so you can really get an objective view ...
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Martin řezníček
Product manager Rössler s.r.o.
First year of Prague exhibition of knives will be held in the beginning of June in Narodni dům in Namesti Miru. Does Victorinox company have something special for this exhibition?

We are going to have a stall in the exhibition where visitors can see not only current knives assortment of the brand but also watches and passenger‘s luggages Victorinox.

What is actually origin of the name Victorinox?

Victorinox name has the origin in connection of original company name VICTORIA, named by its founder Karl Elsener after his mother and the expression INOX, which is international mark for stainless steel that the company started to produce in 1921.

Does Victorinox prepare any newcomers or interesting events for this summer season?

We started to co-operate with AUTHOR company this year and present all VICTORINOX products imported on the Czech market in the marathons of mountain and street bikes. This currently represents knives, watches and newly also passenger‘s luggages.

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