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Dagmar Binderova Questions were answered by
Mgr. Dagmar Binderova
General and technical director assistant for PBW Czech Republic Company
Last year for the first time you took a decision to use an electronic PF 2005. What was the cue that led you to such a change?

Our company is sending to our clients and partners New Year wishes every year in the time before Christmas . However until now these were always only as printed cards. This year our choice went to UNICEF children‘s fund New Year cards. To allow their wider use we wanted to buy as well the electronic version but unfortunately it did not exist. Therefore we contacted your company, whom with we had been working for many years and asked for an offer and preparation of an electronic PF „tailored to our needs“.

Did the new PF form meet your expectations?

Absolutely. “New” New year card form provided us with both its faster and wider distribution and more profound presentation of our company and buildings that we are administrating.

Are you preparing for 2005 any news we may look forward to?

Of course there are some news. From those I can now mention it would be mainly new web pages of our company PBW Czech Republic, s.r.o. Until now existed only web pages of the IBC office building (www.ibc-prague.com) and of the Myslbek palace (www.myslbek.com), buildings that we are administrating on behalf of their owner PBW Real Estate Fund.

Would you like to know more about PBW Fund company, visit the http://www.pbwfund.com.

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